Calibri is our corporate typeface and should be used exclusively in communications. Other well proportioned sans serifs, such as Helvetica or Arial, are suitable alternatives if Calibri is unavailable.


Calibri Light

Calibri Light Italic

Calibri Regular

Calibri Italic

Calibri Bold

Calibri Bold Italic


•  Superset trademark symbols
•  Resolve widows and orphans
•  Use emphatic tools such as upper case, weight or decoration sensibly
•  Never mix left, right and central alignment in a single composition
•  Never full justify or hyphenate
•  Never use lower case
•  Never use ligatures


While the specimen below may not accommodate every design situation (e.g. tradeshow graphics), each typographic style can be proportionally scaled to maintain the correct hierarchy. The size and leading of the type should be multiplied by the same factor to achieve this result.

DisplayLight – 32pt

HeadingRegular – 16pt

SubheadingBold – 9pt

ParagraphRegular – 9pt

FootnoteRegular – 7pt

Type as Imagery

Sometimes a composition will include design elements that sit outside our brand toolkit or appear off-brand. If you are required to deviate from our typographic styles; ensure that the Hillbrush voice is maintained. Never compromise on legibility or readability when composing type, even when it is used as imagery.