We are bold and confident, but never boastful.

Our personality is informed by the rich history, vibrant culture and contributions, past and present, that have delivered our organisational success. Moving towards the future, we are guided by three key principles that have ingrained as brand values: Quality, Innovation and Respect.

Quality — We commit to excellence in all that we do.

Innovation — We challenge ideas and encourage creativity.

Respect — We hold our customers and employees in high regard.

These values should underpin all written and verbal communication wherever possible. It is crucial that both message and tone are consistent with our brand. Consider Hillbrush as a person and ask yourself whether they would say something and how it would be said. This helps when developing a unified brand experience.

Company Title

The company should be referred to as Hillbrush to support our visual identity. In legal disclaimers, copyright notices and formal correspondence: use the registered company title of The Hill Brush Company Ltd. Abbreviations and pseudonyms (such as Hill Brush, HBC, The Hill Brush, etc) confuse our identity and are therefore strongly discouraged.

Do not imitate the logotype by using lower case in text. Hillbrush and its intellectual property should always appear in title case, with the initials capitalised for maximum effect.


The following copyright notice should be included when using Hillbrush trademarks in published materials.

© [Year of Publication] The Hill Brush Company Ltd. All rights reserved.